An in-depth course about user experience design from the author of the bestseller
“Burn Your Portfolio”

UX Design.

An online course by Michael Janda

Now is the time to expand your creative career and immerse yourself in UX design with Michael Janda, the creator and presenter of this course, “UX Design: The Processes of Creativity and Crafting User Experiences.”

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  • 58 lessons
  • 15+ hours
  • 16 modules

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Michael Janda, the Author of “Burn Your Portfolio”

Michael Janda has been a UX Designer for more than 20 years. In 2002 he founded the creative studio, Riser, which boasted an A-list of clients including Google, Disney and National Geographic. Prior to founding his agency, Michael was a Senior Creative Director in Fox Studios where he oversaw the design, development and content of the digital divisions of Fox Kids and Fox Family.

Janda From basement freelancer to Inc. 5000 agency, I have been in your shoes.

Today, Michael is an author, consultant and teacher eager to share his experiences working with clients, managing the design processes, analyzing user needs and evaluating the results. In this course, Michael shares a wealth of knowledge he has gained through the real world practice of creating UX design for some of the top brands in the world.

In “Burn Your Portfolio” Michael shares the wealth of experience and expertise in the design industry.

Burn Your Portfolio

“Burn Your Portfolio” was written in 2013. Significant progress has been made in UX Design since then. The video course by Michael Janda accounts for this 5-years experience, making it useful for both those who have already read the book and those who are only going to do it.


His sense of humor helps readers puzzle out some challenging questions like controversial creative methodologies, dealing with challenging clients, and introducing new technologies into established processes.

Testimonials About Michael Janda

Produce top-flight work, creatively and technically strong

From both a personal and professional perspective, Mike Janda is simply one of the best people I’ve worked with. His pride in his work is unparallelled, as is his flexibility and professionalism. As a vendor contracted by, he’s guided his team through tight deadlines and shifting specs to produce top-flight work, creatively and technically strong. Mike is a go-to guy.

Larry Terenzi Larry Terenzi Associate Director,
Excellent work with zero complications

Michael Janda and his agency are a pleasure to work with. They deliver excellent work with zero complications-there’s no agency with a better work ethic and customer service attitude. 100% of their work has been done remotely, and we’ve never had any issues with communication or go-to agency when I need something done well and done right- highly recommended.

Marc Siry Marc Siry SVP, Media Product, NBC Universal
He is a superstar!

I worked with Michael at and from 2000 - 2002. He is a superstar! Truly among the best designers I’ve ever worked with in my career. He is extremely talented, creative, highly organized and always delivers on time.

Larry Terenzi Allison Ellis VP Online Content, Fox Family Worldwide

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  • 15+ hours of content

    This course includes more than 15 hours of unique video content

  • 1,200+ slides

    We cover 16 different, relevant content topics with dozens of subtopics

  • Online access

    Engaging visuals, charts and examples help teach the content

  • 16 modules

    You will get online access to lessons from anywhere in the world 

  • 58 lessons

    Study at your convenience and at your pace with online access

  • Quality

    Shot in studio with high quality video, audio and lighting

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Course Outline

UX Design with Michael Janda is a series of video lectures prepared in collaboration with producers and methodologists from “Skillbox”.

You will have access to video lectures after the course is completed so that you will always be able to go back to the covered material and refresh your knowledge.

  • Module 0 Introduction 1 lesson

    • Lesson 1 Introduction
  • Module 1 Designers in a New Digital Era 4 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Digital Transformation
    • Lesson 2 Global Trends
    • Lesson 3 The Gig Economy
    • Lesson 4 Homework
  • Module 2 Design Thinking 3 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Principles of Design Thinking
    • Lesson 2 Phases of Design Thinking
    • Lesson 3 Applying Design Thinking
  • Module 3 Understanding Designer Roles 7 lessons

    • Lesson 1 User Experience Design (UX)
    • Lesson 2 User Interface Design (UI)
    • Lesson 3 UX vs. UI
    • Lesson 4 Visual Designer
    • Lesson 5 Interaction Design (IxD)
    • Lesson 6 Motion Design
    • Lesson 7 Information Architecture (IA)
  • Module 4 Production Flow of UX Projects 3 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Project Phases
    • Lesson 2 Defining a Successful Project
    • Lesson 3 Production Methodologies
  • Module 5 Strategy and Planning of UX Projects 5 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Products, Services & Experiences
    • Lesson 2 Marketing Mix
    • Lesson 3 Porter's Five Forces Analysis
    • Lesson 4 SWOT Analysis
    • Lesson 5 Homework
  • Module 6 The Psychology of User Behavior 4 lessons

    • Lesson 1 User Patterns and Habits
    • Lesson 2 Sequential Storytelling and Nonlinear Narratives
    • Lesson 3 Persona Development
    • Lesson 4 Homework
  • Module 7 Standard Practices in Usability Design 3 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Fundamental Usability Principles
    • Lesson 2 Interface Usability Best Practices
    • Lesson 3 Ecommerce Usability Standards
  • Module 8 Usability Design Deliverables 5 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Information Architecture (IA)
    • Lesson 2 User Flow Diagrams
    • Lesson 3 Wireframes
    • Lesson 4 Prototypes
    • Lesson 5 Homework
  • Module 9 Usability Testing in UX Design 4 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Usability Testing Overview
    • Lesson 2 Conducting Usability Tests
    • Lesson 3 Analyzing Usability Test Results
    • Lesson 4 Homework
  • Module 10 Data-Driven Design 4 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Data-Driven Design Theory
    • Lesson 2 Data Sources & Metrics
    • Lesson 3 Interpreting Data for Decision-Making
    • Lesson 4 Homework
  • Module 11 Visual Design 4 lessons

    • Lesson 1 The Role of the Visual Designer
    • Lesson 2 Elements of Visual Design
    • Lesson 3 Principles of Visual Design
    • Lesson 4 Homework
  • Module 12 Visual Design Deliverables 5 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Mood Boards
    • Lesson 2 Design Comps
    • Lesson 3 UI Kits
    • Lesson 4 Developer Handoff
    • Lesson 5 Homework
  • Module 13 Unleashing Creativity 6 lessons

    • Lesson 1 The Need for Creativity in a Digital World
    • Lesson 2 Where Do Ideas Come From?
    • Lesson 3 Mathematical Models and Creativity
    • Lesson 4 Abstraction in Creative Thinking
    • Lesson 5 Three Stages of a Designer's Evolution
    • Lesson 6 Homework
  • Module 14 Effective Presentations 5 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Presentation Principles
    • Lesson 2 Crafting a Presentation
    • Lesson 3 Presentation Tools
    • Lesson 4 Presentation Delivery Techniques
    • Lesson 5 Homework
  • Module 15 Maximizing Your Creative Career 4 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Career Evolution and Specialization
    • Lesson 2 Barriers to Career Growth
    • Lesson 3 Goal Setting and Progression
    • Lesson 4 Homework
  • Module 16 Additional Resources 3 lessons

    • Lesson 1 Websites
    • Lesson 2 Books
    • Lesson 3 Homework
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This Course is Perfect for You

No matter who you are, the knowledge that Michael Janda shares in this course will help you develop your soft skills. Nowadays, immersing in related fields and building T-shaped skills are important for professional development in any digital area.

Michael’s experience in dealing with major clients and building complex communication chains will be useful not only for the UX designers. Communication skills and ability to account for the interests of many stakeholders are essential for anyone.

Learn interface best practices, production flow and understand the common tools used in UX design.

In this course, you will
  • master the professional UX Design language
  • become familiar with graphic and analytical programs
  • learn how to solve user problems
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Refresh your knowledge of UX design strategies and discover new techniques to generate creative ideas.

In this course, you will
  • learn about Michael Janda’s approaches
  • evaluate your work from a different angle
  • get new professional knowledge
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Learn how to understand and work within business requirements to improve success of projects.

In this course, you will
  • learn the principles of UX Design
  • implement the principles of user-centеred design in your work
  • enhance your own and your employees’ professional level
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Learning Process

By paying the course, you get unlimited access to all video materials in it. Go back and refresh your memory - anytime!

  • 01. Sign Up and Pay
  • 02. Complete a course at a convenient pace with no time limits
  • 03. Review the materials whenever you need it

What You Get

You will gain invaluable training to help you progress in a career as a UX designer

  • Level 1: Negotiating and Creating a Project Concept

    Understanding the rules of interaction with users and clients

    Mastering analytical tools for qualitative and quantitative assessment

  • Level 2: Practical Skills in Designing Positive User Experience

    Competence in analyzing user needs and expectations, conducting audience surveys and research

    Ability to reveal business needs and focus on them while designing the user experience

  • Level 3: Designing Interfaces

    Mastering the principles of designing screen interfaces

    Knowledge of the terminology and work processes

  • Level 4: Testing and Author Supervision

    Conducting usability tests: А/В, behavioral observation, interface understandability assessment

    Ability to interact with the development team, monitor the quality of a product and its compliance with an intended UX

  • Level 5: Presenting Project Solutions to Clients

    Important business communication and presentation skills

    Crafting strong presentations. Delivery techniques.

  • Certificate of completion of the Michael Janda’s course Certificate

    After completing the course, you will receive the certificate of a UX Designer.

How It Looks

By paying the course, you get unlimited access to all video materials in it. Go back and refresh your memory - anytime!

  • Module 0

    Watch the Introduction Module with Michael Janda describing the content of the course and its stages to assess the learning process, check the video format, and understand the structure of the lessons.

  • Module 6 (Example)

    Get an idea of how detailed the practical aspects of the UX designer career will be explained in the course with another freely available module.

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    You can watch all 16 modules at any convenient time. You don’t have to be present online at a certain time to participate in the classes.

  • I’ve paid for the course. What’s next?

    You will receive an email with access to your personal account where the course is located. Follow the link and start learning at a convenient time.

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